domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2007

Conspiration Theory

Asier me enviò este simpático artìculo, publicado post incidente del martes con Kiefer. Serà cierto? :) La nota es de The best week

Who’s REALLY Behind This Kiefer Sutherland DUI Charge?

Certain “news sources” are claiming that Kiefer Sutherland was arrested for driving under the influece last night, but come on — I’ve seen “24″ enough to know to always expect the unexpected, then to expect something about nine times as ridiculous as the unexpected thing I just thought of. So what does this mean? Who’s really behind this elaborate Jack Bauer setup?

– Dennis Hopper with a Russian accent, attempting to drag Kiefer into a decade-long substance-induced career haze.

– A sinister group of all surviving presidents in “24″ history banding together in a secret Legion of Doom-like alliance, in addition to presidents Carter, Clinton, and both Bushes , all played by themselves.

– Jack Bauer’s father, in cahoots with his brother, his sister-in-law, his hot daughter and her boyfriend C. Thomas Howell, his grandmother, and the dog he bought his grandmother to keep her company, which managed to swipe Bauer’s CTU keycard when he was bringing it home from the pet store and now has access to the IDs of all CTU agents and their secret network of bombs that are hooked up to all elementary schools in the United States for some reason.

– Chloe, Tony, and Buchanan, after their unbelievably elaborate plan to leave their families, assume new identities, and build up Jack Bauer’s trust by risking their lives on his behalf nonstop for six years. When Jack confronts them and asks if they’re only being traitors because they’re about the only people left on the show who didn’t turn out to be evil, they all just kind of shrug.

– Jack Bauer himself, in an elaborate plan to secretly enjoy himself while out on the down by covertly drinking beverages with alcohol in them to the point of excess, then secretly getting into his car and elaborately driving the car home while intoxicated. During the arrest, he tells police the plan “worked perfectly.”



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