lunes, 15 de octubre de 2007

Kiefer en Silver Lake, L. A.

Fotos del sàbado 13/11.... A quien le estarà comprando regalos este chico? :)

Un trozo de una nota del Times sobre Kiefer....

From The TimesOctober 15, 2007 Even as a con Kiefer’s a pro

Perhaps the eternal complaint of men and women is that women want the impossible from men. On the one hand, women want someone who is, in a nutshell, lovely – considerate, amusing and adept at entering a drunken gathering at 1am with a tray full of hot samosas and dips murmuring: “The chips should be ready in ten minutes.” Someone who will go to the allnight chemist’s for cystitis medicine, then pick up Grazia and a Twirl on the way back. On the other hand, you don’t want to be married to Little Jack Horner (“What a good boy am I!”). You want someone who’s a little bit whoargh. A little bit grrrrr. Someone fundamentally reliable – but with a certain measure of razziness.

Behold then, ladies, the perfect man: Kiefer Sutherland. Of course, anyone with functioning eyes knows that Sutherland is the perfect man: he is, after all, Jack Bauer. It would be impolite not to fancy someone who’s saved the world five times now – without ever going to the toilet.

Last year, on a whisky bender, Sutherland wrestled a 30ft Christmas tree to the ground in the foyer of a London hotel – but only after asking the manager’s permission, then paying for a new tree. This week his winning blend of whoargh and responsibility continues; having been “done” for doing an illegal U-turn “under the influence” (tsk), he is to be jailed. However, he has asked to do his time over Christmas and the new year, so as not to disrupt the shooting schedule for 24. This has prevented hundreds of coworkers from working over the Christmas holidays – while Sutherland sits lonely in chokey, eating LAPD turkey. He is a responsible bacchanalian. The perfect mentalman. Sigh.



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