lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2007

Kiefer Defined

Lea Anne Cooper, del American Chronicle, cuyos artìculos he mencionado previamente, escribiò este poema dedicado al Mr. Sutherland. Quizàs un poquitìn cursi, pero whatever. Es bonito que alguien inspire cosas asì.

En el original en inglès y como buena manera de arrancar un lunes.


© Lea Anna Cooper, 2007

When God had spun the grand Universe,
He put all of His love in a man, who was first.
He found the brightest soul that He’d made,
and gave him a name, a man who could save.

This man was to serve as His brightest son,
a man who could feel warmth for everyone.
A man who is special and could exhibit a light,
a brilliance that unlocks the darkest of night.

A light in the heavens, as I was told,
this man must be daring, so brave and so bold.
Though his life maybe difficult on many days,
I will bestow him with love and these unique ways.

He is one in a million, and he’ll share his glory;
and a billion or more will know his true story.

His heart has encircled this most precious light,
and he has used it well, during his blessed life.
He is strong and he’s brave, with nerves of steel,
so much so, he is nearly unreal.
A master of that, which is rare so I’m told;
A master of that, which is ages old.
The art of a healer in time and in space,
Has found, in God’s eyes, his proper place.
He presents unto man the best that he is,
to all who are willing to accept what he gives.

He’s taken his place among cowardly men,
to bring hope to all those who will choose life again.
Within him is power and glory and might,
For God gave him strength to empower what’s right.

For in the night shining, is God’s brightest star,
a man who loves all, for just who they are.
A man who is grateful for all that he be,
someone who loves, with a heart that is free.


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