jueves, 7 de febrero de 2008

Pos, nada. El ùltimo reporte de The Kief...

No importa la hora. Sigan creyendo que voy a dejar que la loca del post anterior me joda la paciencia. Y la voy a dejar de primera. Sì, Luis.

Kiefer en un local nocturno de Silverlake el 31/01 oyendo a su gente. Dos reportes del mismo evento y en inglès porque me da ladilla traducir a esta hora. BTW, la chaqueta a la que se refieren....es la de la foto. Se la pone a cada poco.

Saw Kiefer at Spaceland in Silverlake last night (Jan 31). He went straight for the door despite the huge line, apparently to ask if Castledoor had already played. He was very apologetic about cutting in line to the girls at the front; after he talked to the doorman he went and hung out on the curb with a male friend until someone insisted they come in. He was all smiles, wearing an Iron Workers' Union jacket. Good to see him on the Eastside.

· Jack Bauer likes indie rock?! I was at Spaceland last Thursday night for the final, packed night of buzz band the Airborne Toxic Event's residency there, and who is standing right in front of me but the recently-released Kiefer Sutherland, who arrived early to brave the line. (It was, by the way, the longest line I have ever seen at the Silver Lake club.) He stayed from the beginning of the night all the way through the headlining band's set, singing along with the tunes and telling his friends how much he loved it. Afterwards, he hung around for a bit, taking some pictures with the violin girl from ATE and shooting the shit with the guys from the Deadly Syndrome. Who knew Jack Bauer had such good taste in music?

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